CJ2M to Watlow EZ Zone EIP Connection

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I am trying to connect a CJ2M-CPU31 to a Watlow EZ Zone limit controller. I set up the tags in the PLC, imported them into Network Configurator for EIP, set up the tag links and downloaded. I am getting a d9 error on the CPU display. The error is not there constantly, it will display the error and additional info, then flash the last octet of the IP address for a few seconds like it's happy. Then the NS light flashes red a couple of times and the d9 error is displayed again. Attached shows the status of monitoring the processor. The fact that the connection tab is showing 00:0000 as the status and not showing an error code is confusing. I am not seeing any data on the PLC side when online, so they don't appear to be talking. Any ideas on what my issue may be?

Thanks for any input.

EIP Comms Stat.JPG

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The D9 error indicates that the PLC doesn't receive any data. Or the format is wrong. How did you set up your tag data list?

Quite often the number of bytes (both input and output) need to be an even number. Had the same experience with Wago remote I/O. Always had to add an even number of IO blocks to keep the number of bytes in the tag list even. Otherwise it wouldn't work. Could be the same here.

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Welcome to the forum.  ahbest brings up a good point.

Many of the parameters in the Watlow PM limit controller are REAL (Floating Point) numbers.  Each value will require two Omron channels.

See Chapter 9: Appendix  CIP Implicit Assembly Structures in the linked manual below.


Hope this will help.

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