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We have a PLC application that has been created in GXWorks3.

We're using an IQ-F FX5U-32MR/DS with two analogue components:



We're able to run our very simple program on the simulator and are having no issues, however when writing the changes to the PLC, we get the following error:



We can't find where this parameter lives, and where to set it. According to the manuals, we think these means the set value is out of range, but we're not sure where the range is defined.

What could be wrong with this parameter, and how do we change it?





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I did some more digging 2221 is also a firmware issue. I saw that you are using a FX5-8AD whcih is very new.



You need Firmware version 1.050 minimum. 
But this is no problem you can update the CPU via the link i already send you.


The procedure you can find in the e-manual viewer.




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Thanks for the help, we'll try and get it updated soon. 

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