C200HG-CPU43 vs C200HG-CPU43E

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I know there were many versions of the C200H series PLC CPUs; and not all the literature is available online.
Can anyone help me to confirm what are the differences between C200HG-CPU43 and C200HG-CPU43E?
Are these two different CPU part numbers or is it just one?
If these are two different CPUs, Can -CPU43E replace -CPU43?
Omron list price only shows -CPU43E as an active part number.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 11.17.51.jpeg

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From memory ( and that is not always to be trusted), the "E" would have been for an English language unit.

There should be a dip switch on the unit to change the C200H-PRO27 handheld between Japanese and English display.

"E" units had that switch set to English when shipped, otherwise they are the same.

Hope this will help.

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