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We have a Micrologix 1500 with 1769 Sdn. The scanner is showing error 80. The run program switch is in the run position and the run led is on. How does a 1769 scanner end up in idle mode? This unit has been running for 5 years. No programming has occurred to the plc or scanner since install. 

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You need a rung of code to turn on the "Enable" to the scanner.

Let me expound a little more.

I tend to have a timer based off of the S:FS, usually set to 20 secs that acts as a power up timer.  When the timer is done I turn on the "Enable" with an OTE.

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Bit 0 of Word 0 of the Output data image for the 1769-SDN slot needs to be set to "1" to put the 1769-SDN into Run mode itself.


Virtually all DeviceNet systems I've seen have an unconditional output run that sets that bit.  

Some others will use a powerup timer, or a set of machine or network status conditions, to keep the DeviceNet idle until it's ready to run.

I've seen a few where the programmer just poked a 1 into the data table and never otherwise addressed the issue.

In general, nothing should zero out that bit if no changes have actually been made to the machine.    Get into the program and see if anything addresses that bit.

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