Omron RECV ETN21 to EIP21

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Hi everyone, currently I have a problem need to receive data from a Omron PLC to another Omron PLC. I would like to receive data from source EIP21 to destination ETN21. The steps I have done is:
1) MOV #0020 D16180 (*Read 32 Words From Source*)
2) MOV #0000 D16181 (*Use Local Network*)
3) MOV #8400 D16182 (*Source PLC IP address is*)
4) MOV #0003 D16183 (*Resend Time Set To 3s*)
5) MOV #0000 D16184 (*Response Monitor Time Set To 0s*)
6) RECV 400 D16130 D16180 (*First Source Word: D400, First Destination Word: D16130, First Control Word: D16180 *)

Can help me check the is there any problem and any more steps I miss? 

Thank you.

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I have done those kind of exchanges and it works great. Here is two snips of how I have it set. I would think yours should work maybe should set your Response Monitor Time...Capture0.JPG.ca8396c20128172cbcdd27b51d2Capture1.thumb.JPG.180e856d2a2ef3e380c20

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