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I have developed project with 3 FX3U PLCs with ENET modules for communicating between them, and one of fx3u connected by profibus with 2 fx2n-32DP-IF I/O station (developed just hardware). This project still wait when customer accept it. I'm exactly sure that it will work perfectly. But now i think about exchange old and expensive fx3u to fx5u. I search for best solution for this task on fx5. I have a doubt with I/O station. Each remote station consist of 32 inputs,16 outputs, 8 AI.

So i considered as a solution CC-Link IE Basic because no need buy additional modules.

Did someone use fx5 CC-Link IEF Basic?

As i understand ie field basic configurations like simple rs485 cc-link with occupied station, not like full ie field. FX5U can be the master of CC-link IEF basic with embedded ethernet with 6 slaves station and can be local station with FX5-CCLIEF module.

But i not sure that i can use fx5 with NZ2 CC-Link IE Field Remote I/O. I have a doubt with configuration this station, because in CC-link IEF i can add this station and see how many rx/ry rww/rwr points i need, but for CC-link IEF basic configuration i can add just CC-link IEF basic module and choose number of occupied station.

Slave 1) NZ2GFCE3-32D + NZ2EX2S1-16T (32/16) and  NZ2GF2BN-60AD4 + NZ2EX2B-60AD4  (8 AI).

Slave 2) NZ2GFCE3-32D + NZ2EX2S1-16T (32/16) and  NZ2GF2BN-60AD4 + NZ2EX2B-60AD4  (8 AI).

So can it work if not what device can be used with CC-link IEF basic?

What benefits can give cc link ie field basic network than ethernet socket connection via UDP between 3 fx5 plcs?

Or easier way using ST lite series and try to connect via modbus tcp.(as i understand fx5 provide p502 and modbus tcp)


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CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Fields Basic are two diffrent networks So you will not be able to use these stations.

CC-Link IE Field is a 1GB network on the ASIC layer
CC-Link IE Field Basic is 100Mbps and is normal IP based network. This is standard in de iQ-R , iQ-F and de QnUDV as a master function.
The inverter like A800E have the slave functionality.

But the FX5U does support pre-defined protocol support. So if you like an ethernet based I/O I would suggest using the standard ethernet port for modbus communication to modbus slaves. (Modbus is already defined as a pre-defined protocol). You can communicate between the FX5 via SLMP. (there is a video on youtube on how to do that)


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 You can communicate between the FX5 via SLMP. (there is a video on youtube on how to do that)

I successfully connect fx5 via socket communication, but i have trouble with slmp. I try use SP.SLMPSND instruction in manufactured fb (M+FX5UCPU-EN_SLMP_DeviceRead_IP) this fb was added in gxw3 1.030G, but plc fall in error 3100 - instruction error. I guess problem with firmware version of my fx5 it's 1.018. As i understand need 1.040 and above.

At presentation of IQ-F i heard that in future firmware of fx5 can be manually upgrade. This future did come?Where i can download firmware update file SUY and SYF?

In manual wrote this.


Download the firmware update information for the model to be updated from the Mitsubishi Electric FA website.

Can some1 give direct link?

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