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I. Developed new application   TCP_IP_Connection

1. App TCP_IP_Connection
    applies the technology of IoT, Smart Home, Remote control.
   It allows to carry out:
- remote control and monitoring of control systems;
- remote diagnostics of  the object;
- turn on/off sensors and devices, including electrical circuits,
  hydraulics, pneumatics, etc.;
- transfer  information, files and images between smartphones and computers
  implemented the application.

For communication between the respective devices (smartphones or computers) are required only stable connection to the Internet  !!!

The application is developed according to the technology MQTT and use free  Internet broker. As a broker use the HiveMQ broker.

The application consists of   3 parts :
- TCP_IP_connection.apk - works on the smartphone and is intended for control and   
  monitoring of equipments;
- Server_Send_Receive.exe - the management server located  on the computer and
  execution  action on the transfer of  information from the smartphone to the
  controller and   back;
- Server_controller.exe - located on the  same computer and execution tasks
  of  controller. Communication is linked directly with the controller via Ethernet or  
  Ethernet/IP. As the controller for management purposesused controller family
  OMRON (CS1,CJ1,CJ2,CP1H,CP1L...).

Note. As a controller you can use the other type of controllers, for example, Yaskawa, Siemens, ABB and  other. They require rework program Server_controller.exe only to  interface of exchange with controller. So for Yaskawa controller family 2300Siec this interface already developed and used in industrial conditions.

2. The application includes the following controls:

A. Smartphone – computer - controller.
- modes  read/write of memory cells and  bits of the controller OMRON  
- continuous cyclic polling of the memory areas;
- the formation of Alarms in the event of errors of control system;
- Display Gauges for 6 variables in real time;
- Display Scopes for 6 variables in real time;
- formation of statistical data on the operation of the equipment.

B. Smartphone - computer.

- sending  and receiving text  messages;
- sending and receiving  picture image;
- transfer photos from a smartphone;
 - transfer images from built-in Web camera of the laptop;
- reading the contents of a directory on the computer or laptop;
- reading contents of a text file.

С. Smartphone -smartphone / computer - computer.

- sending and receiving text messages;
- sending and receiving of picture image;
- transfer photos from smartphone to smartphone (from computer to computer);
- send the image with the built in webcam of a laptop to another laptop;
- reading the contents of a directory on the computer or laptop;
- reading contents of a text file.

3. Work application Server_Send_Receive.exe and Server_Controller.exe tested on computers running the Windows 7 operating system.
Work application TCP_IP_Connection.apk was tested on smartphones Samsung, Phillips  running the operating system Android 5.0, Android 6.0.
It requires the use of a smartphone with a display diagonal of 5 inches and more.

4. App TCP_IP_Connection.the apk  paid, the cost per user is $ 5 USA.
Distributed through Google Play.
The Internet address for downloading of  programs Server_Send_Receive.exe and Server_Controller.exe is on screen Help  application TCP_IP_Connection.apk.

 OMRON_Communication has the manual in Russian and  English languages.

The Internet address for downloading the full manual

Looking for partners for the execution of similar works.




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