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I have a GE PQMII,Redlion Data Station & GE LM90 30 PLC

I am trying to map data out of the PQMII to Redlion using Modbus-RS485 and then using Ethernet (TCP/IP) to map data from Redlion to GE LM 9030 PLC.

I know Modbus uses hexadecimal and PLC Registers are in Decimal

I need a technical procedure on how to configure/program

Thank you
Ok Tedi Mining Limited

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Did you read the manuals that I linked you to in the other forum? They have all the details for the 90-30 side. You can find them here:
If you need more information search with more relevant terms.

Also as indicated you will have better results by updating your software to Proficy Machine Edition and hardware to the latest available firmware level. For this contact your GE PLC supplier.

The 90-30 also uses Hexadecimal, Signed Integer Decimal or binary in either 16 bit (INT) or 32 bit (DINT or REAL) data types.

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