Migrating from power flex 4 with Ethernet IP adapter to power flex 525

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Hello world, how was your day?, hope would be fine:

Here's my issue: I got a boiler, controlled by a "Compact logix L43" the protocol used is ethernet IP, There are four (4) Power flex 400 installed, Catalog number: ( 22C-D022N103 ) with the Ethernet/IP adapter "22COMM-UM-E",  then, one of them was having hardware problems with the Communication, but NOT THE ADAPTER (22COMM-UM-E), because I did test it in another drive, and actually works fine, the problem is in the drive.

After checking parameters and connections, we decide to replace the drive for a POWER FLEX 525 with built in Ethernet/IP hardware.

Here's my question:  Do I need to modify the PLC programm to connect the new drive WITHOUT ADAPTER or just I need to set the old powerflex 400 IP address and subnet mask to my new POWER FLEX 525?.

In fact, my real question is: Are the registers that the PLC it's actually writing/reading to/from the drivers with the adapter, the same as for the POWER FLEX 525 with built in Ethernet/IP connection?.

Hope this information could help you to help me :).

Have a NICE DAY!.


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You will need to add the PF525 as another drive under the 1768-ENBT and suggest you use another IP address.

Doing so will create the tag database for you.  The registers do differ in both the inputs and outputs.

Generally, you should be able to do a tag replacement through your code.  Those that give you an error, you just need to get the actual tag.

Remember, if you use any of the PF400 tags in your HMI, you'll need to change these also.

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