FX3U 80m Counter Interrupt

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       I urgently need a simple sample Counter Interrupt Program to study and implement with my machine. I am using GX Work 2 My Problem is inconsistent start stop of roller conveyor after pulse count (OUT_C_32, with cc235, using CC235 to stop a conveyor.) I have to try interrupt, but the manual sample is suck!


Please help




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Okay If I understand you correctly. You have th high speed counter working but you want to start and stop the conveyer at a certain point.

You do not need to program an interrupt as  there a a few instruction which work outside of the normal scan program. Check your manual for High speed processing. (HSCS,HSCR,HCZ...)

So you can program something Like this:

DHSCS K25000 C235 Y0 This will set Y0 immediately when C235 reaches 25000


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