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Hello please could you help me with this problem .

I have FX2N-16MT CPU with expansion modules FX2n-16ex-es , FX2n-16ey-es in that order .

when i download the program on it and moniter online  i have active output on y22 ,y25, y13, y00, y27 (software) , i only found led of y00 (CPU module) ON , others of expansion op module not  (P.s power lamp on module on ) , however the expansion of ip doing well , . 

i do that trails .

1-change combination to be FX2N-16MT CPU - FX2n-16ex-es -  FX2n 16eyr (new one) , but same happen  , when i go to plc diagnostics i found error 1010 i/0 hardware configuration 

2-   FX2N-16MT CPU -   FX2n 16eyr (new one) , but same happen

3- FX2n- 14mt CPU (New one ) - FX2n 16eyr (new one) with same program it works ok 

i wondering how melsoft software recognize expansion module of FX2N series and if it need hardware configurations (by rack like siemens plc )

the way of addressing ip and op in mitsubishi plc FX2n series . how to change it .

and if i wanna to change the cpu 16mt , by 14mt ., does i need to change spacial markes or function on the machine program .

. i m sry for my bad english and thanks in advance 



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First, there is no configuration required.  The addressing is automatic.

Second, you can't change it.

Inputs address as X, starting at 0, addressed in octal.  So your base unit has X0-X7.

Outputs address as Y, also starting at 0, independent of the inputs.  So your base unit outputs are Y0-Y7.

Your extensions would start at 10, and are also independent.  So no matter which way you connect the 16EX and 16EY cards, they will always be X10-X27, Y10-Y27.

Error 1010 says you have an address error starting at 10 (that's the second part).  The first 10 indicates input or output, and I don't recall which is which, it's in the manuals.

There is no such thing as an FX2N-14.

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Thanks a lot Crossbow , it clear now  . ,   

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