RSLINX BREAKS - but only for one PLC

By BobLfoot in Allen Bradley,
The Processor is a Compactlogix 1768-L43/B with Version 19.011 Firmware the ethernet Card is a 1768-ENBt/A with 4.001 firmware in it. My RSLINX is version and I have the latest EDS files for both ethernet and plc from AB website. RSlinx will show me the nic but not the processor. The processor will connect serially and show me the ethernet jsut fine. When I check the event log of rslinx I see "Can't Set port to 288: no Harmony object fot this ethernet. Error receiving data from Ethernet Interface [10053] Software caused connection abort". No what is strange is put the IP in IE7 and you can see everything fine. Wionderware using rslinx on other PC can see the data table and read it but not Write it. [bEGIN RANT] Three chat sessions with RA Tech Connect have wasted 10-12 minutes each and yet to find a tech to assist me. Two phone calls to my Tech Connect number have hung up on me, before a person answered. The third phione call reached me a real nice fellow, never got his name, who gave me a ticket number and said "I'll connect you with the RSLINX folks". That was 35 going on 40 minutes ago. [END RANT] So what is next.
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