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s7 Pdiag

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I am Trying to setup a fault in S7 PDiag As The manual suggested i placed the mouse over the bit (Q bit) i want to monitor. Selected Special Object Properties -> Monitoring. I was Able to see the template , But the new button was grey. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ""Configuring Address Monitoring for FB10 ""1. If the FB10 is no longer opened, open it in the SIMATIC Manager by ""double-clicking on it. The LAD/STL/FBD Editor is opened. ""2. In the example, output Q1.0 is to be monitored. Address monitoring is therefore ""to be added for this output. To do this, place the cursor in the instruction line “= ""Q1.0” and open the “Process Monitoring” dialog box using the menu command ""Edit > Special Object Properties > Monitoring. ""3. Select the option “S7 PDIAG: Address Monitoring” in the “Templates” field and "click “New.” """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" I have Pdiag installed .. Any Idea What am I doing Wrong ? I attached a screen capture Thanks in advance Monitor.bmp Edited by zeratul

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