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  1. Wincc 6.0

    Hi I have two bits that will trigger one of four colors an indicator ex 00 ->red, 01 blue, 10 yellow, 11 black I cant figure how to do this in WINCC 6.0 any idea?? Thanks
  2. ActiveX Controls

    I was just wondering if anybody knows where I can find ActiveX Controls that work for FactoryTalk View I am trying to export some faults and messages to an excell file
  3. Simens Faults

    I had a previous post asking about a specif PDiag problem and I got no replies .. I am still not being able generate fault message in s7. Any body know how to do faults on S7. I mean If i generate a bunch of logic (M bits) and I want to used these memory bits as my faults messages to display them on a WicCC. What is the proper way to do that?? I've been reading a lot but i still can't figure out how to do it.. Thanks
  4. s7 Pdiag

    I am Trying to setup a fault in S7 PDiag As The manual suggested i placed the mouse over the bit (Q bit) i want to monitor. Selected Special Object Properties -> Monitoring. I was Able to see the template , But the new button was grey. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ""Configuring Address Monitoring for FB10 ""1. If the FB10 is no longer opened, open it in the SIMATIC Manager by ""double-clicking on it. The LAD/STL/FBD Editor is opened. ""2. In the example, output Q1.0 is to be monitored. Address monitoring is therefore ""to be added for this output. To do this, place the cursor in the instruction line “= ""Q1.0” and open the “Process Monitoring” dialog box using the menu command ""Edit > Special Object Properties > Monitoring. ""3. Select the option “S7 PDIAG: Address Monitoring” in the “Templates” field and "click “New.” """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" I have Pdiag installed .. Any Idea What am I doing Wrong ? I attached a screen capture Thanks in advance Monitor.bmp
  5. S7 OB82

    I am looking at some (Plant Running ) S7 files . Some of them Have logic in OB82. My question is why would somebody added some preotected logic to the system OBs??. Isn't OB82 sufficent to capture Profibus fault?? Any Idea what kind of logic would be added to OB82?? Thanks
  6. Siemens S7

    Yes It does.. I got confused because it didn't have the yellow triangle in the symatic manager. Tt sucks man, I am not used to using blocks with understanding them 100 %. This kinda reminds me of PILZ. Thanks for you reply though
  7. Siemens S7

    Hi I've been working on AB PLC's for years and now I am trying to learn siemens S7. I am trying to understand what does FB10 do?? The help menu and the block description do not explain what it does . Does FB10 have to be included in ever program?? I have two refference files and both have it, but when i open the block i see no logic in it. Thanks in advance
  8. Rslogix/Rsview Networking

    I am using factorytalk veiw ME.. and i dont know where to add the vba code in it.. does it support vba scripting??
  9. Rslogix/Rsview Networking

    Okay.. I have my plc Program running on one computer I amUsing a RSVIEW panelview There is another separate computer that has certain files on a folder on its hard drive I need to somehow access this folder to get the file names, transfer them to the plc, and display them on the panelview. I also wanna be able to delete files in that folder from the panelview. I am not sure if i can do it through OPC, DDE, ADO, or some other way.. Thanks for your reply and i hope this clarify my question
  10. Rslogix/Rsview Networking

    Hi, I am working on a project where i have to access a folder on an external hard drive ( have an IP adress) to get a list of file names. The file names have a certain format and are needed in the PLC to run certain recipes. I am using Rslogix5000 and RSView and still not sure how to access the hard drive to get the file names. I don't think that this can be done fromthe PLC and i am not sure if it is achievable through the RSVIEW activex objects or vba scripting. Do i have to use VB.NET (or some other language) ?? Do you guys have any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance
  11. RSLOGIX5000 PID

    Thank you guys for your replies, I got the jump start i needed and I started designing the logic file.. Power up on the system will be at the 10'th of next month and ill keep you updated if I need further help. Feel free to add any comments or advices as I will be checking the forum on daily basis. Thank you again
  12. RSLOGIX5000 PID

    Bob, Thanks for you reply.. And sure you are on the right track The first thermocouple input card gives me the reading of the (1A,1B,1C, 2A,2B,2C,3A,3B) and the second card reads(3C,4A,4B,4C,4D).. and the other four channels are spares. I am thinking about using avarages i.e for zone 1 PID : CV = 1A + 1B + 1C/3 and the same for the other three .. Am I thinking right about this ?? What do i need to give the PID other than CV and Pv ?? When you double click the PID instrunction a setup box pops up ... and here what i still dont understand after reading the help. TUNINING :setpoint (isn't logically driven ?? ) setoutput output bias prop,integral,and derivative gains (are the read only?? or do i need to manipulate them) Configuration menu: PID equation control action derivative off update time CV high and low deadband value Are all these necessary for the instruction?? I've been doing PLCs for long time but this is my first none automotive project and i feel kinda lost Thanks agian for any help
  13. RSLOGIX5000 PID

    Hi, I got lined up on a system that has four heaters zones where each zone has three thermocouples, where i should control the temperature to stay at 100 degrees C I have 2 thermocouple input cards (each thermocouple sends its data through one channel of the input cards) I also have one analog output with 4 used channels (Each channel controls one heater zone (wich consist of 4 Thermocouples). I was told to use PIDs. I researched the PID as much as i could , but still didn't figure out how to aproach the solutions. I am not sure if i can do it with 1 pid or 4 pid instructions I am also having trouble understanding the PID configuration and tuning (although i read eveything about it at rockwell and the help menu) I am using rslogix5000 Any suggestions or tips or help manuals will be apreciated