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  1. Beijer E1000 to X2Pro Conversion

    Good Afternoon Many years back whem Beijer was involved with Mitsubishi I rolled out quite a few E1000 base models connected to A series PLCs and to GSM modems. The task for the E1000s was simply to transmit Plant alarms to the the GSM modem and this would send a descriptive text SMS to a prescribed mobile number. This system worked perfectly and was cheap to maintain. With the E.O.L. of the E1000 I am now tasked with converting the E1000 to a new HMI and retaining the GSM/SMS functionality. To start with I want to role out a single X2PRO7 and then get this tested before implementing on the 100 or so other E1000 that we have doing similar functions. They way it worked on the E1000s was that we created a text block for each alarm input from the PLC. Each text block had some specific text inside which sent a telephone script message to the GSM Modem which sent the message to the modem which then brodacst the SMS to the number. I have so far tried to convert the old E Designer program to iX Developer but it does not like to convert the text blocks and I cannot find anything in the conversion guide that helps. Has anyone done something similar before or perhaps knows how I can get this task done. Any help is always appreceiated. Thanks in Advance