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  1. Password Protected LS Master K

    I have a customer that has a LS Master K PLC, and he needs me to make some changes to the program. I am not the original program writer so I do not have the original program nor the password. And the company that originally made this program does not exist anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on a software or a device that can help me either find the password or just bypass it. I need help ASAP Please!!!!! I saw there is a password breaker while i was googling, but the software cost $50, and it looked a little sketchy so I am kind of hesitant to trust 1 purchasing the software and 2 downloading it only my work laptop. Please help!!
  2. Dear experts, In order to eliminate a fault in my system I want to change the firmware of following modules in 1756 Controllogix Standard redundancy system: L61: from 7.1 to 16.057 CNBR D-Type: from 7.1 to 7.016 CNBR E-Type: from 11.1 to 11.005 ENBT/A: from 3.1 to 6.006 1757-SRM: 5.004 Although I have never worked with PLC before but I have read a lot of manuals and so i do have a little information on how to do things but as the system is critical and I can't afford any mistake I need advice from you guys regarding the proper and complete procedure to do the above mentioned activity. Kindly tell me if I will be required to take backup for controlnet and Ethernet scheduled files by rsnetworks or not? and what precautions should i take? and what possibly can do wrong and how to handle the worst case senario? I would be having maximum of 5 hours to do all of the above mentioned activity.