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  1. Analog Output on DirectSoft 6

    @b_carlton The CPU that I am using is Direct Logic 405. or 454 processor. the module that i have is F4-04DA-2. My rack looks like : INPUT, INPUT, INPUT, ANALOG INPUT, OUTPUT, OUTPUT, OUTPUT, INPUT. Then i have a remote rack that has nothing but 2 Analog Output cards. 
  2. I am new to Automation Direct software and how the programs are written. Can anyone explain how they handle the analog outputs? My processor does not support the IBox that makes life easier, so I am having to do it the old hard way. I understand most of the logic of how its done for sending data to one channel but I don't understand how the channel selecting works. Can someone give me a programming example or explain how that works? I am looking at the online manual that Automation Direct provides for you for the analog module but I am having a difficult time trying to wrap my brain around how they do their analog stuff ><
  3. I am pretty new to Automation Direct. This is my first project programming in Direct Soft 6. Is there a way to make subroutines? 
  4. Password Protected LS Master K

    I have a customer that has a LS Master K PLC, and he needs me to make some changes to the program. I am not the original program writer so I do not have the original program nor the password. And the company that originally made this program does not exist anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on a software or a device that can help me either find the password or just bypass it. I need help ASAP Please!!!!! I saw there is a password breaker while i was googling, but the software cost $50, and it looked a little sketchy so I am kind of hesitant to trust 1 purchasing the software and 2 downloading it only my work laptop. Please help!!
  5. Flex I/O Rack

    @PLCMentor.comHow do these modules connect together? It doesn't seem like they require a chassis or anything like that. From what I can tell they all kind of just snap together and you din rail mount them. And as of power supplies I am assuming that each set of 8 that I have will require there own power supply? 
  6. I am in the middle of doing a retrofit for a old PLC5 and i decided to upgrade it to a Control Logix. With how much I/O I was needing the price of the system was going to be very pricey. So I decided to use my main rack as a control logix and use Flex I/O for my remote racks. I have never put together a Flex I/O rack so I am unsure of what I need for this rack other than my I/O modules and a communication module. Could someone give me a list of what is needed for these systems? 
  7. PLC that can hold its memory

    For example the MicroLogix 1200 Memory module (1762-mm1) Could that also hold the memory for a PID? The issue at the moment is that since the processor goes without power for such long periods of time that all information on the PID gets lost. Does that module or even a processor that takes a SD card, does that also hold the variables for the PID? 
  8. I want some recommendations for a PLC that can hold its memory for long periods of time with no power. I have a customer that has the molds that only get used a couple of times a year and when they are not being used they sit in storage until they need them again. Currently they have a DirectLogic05 controller and what they have noticed is that when they pull these molds out of storage to use them, the program is lost and they got to download it again. They want to make it to were all they gotta do is plug and play basically for this machine. Is there a special module or a processor that can hold its program for long periods of time while it has no power on it? 
  9. IDEC MicroSmart PLC

    I have never programmed a IDEC PLC. I have played around with one a little bit but thats about it. I have a customer that has a very simple task for this PLC. He wants to monitor a input and send what ever data that PLC gathers via email to people in the company. I am unsure of the specs of this prodject at the moment, but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on where to start when it comes to setting up the email on this device. 
  10. Retrofitting old PLC5

    @pcmccartney1Thank you for the information!!! And as of more info on the rsview, sad to say but I am unsure of what they got. I have yet to even had the time to go out to the site to even look at the setup that they have. 
  11. I have a customer that is wanting to upgrade his old PLC5 to something newer. I am still pretty new to the PLC world and was hoping to get some insight on possibly what might be the best fit. I still do not know a lot on this sytems. What I do know is that there are 5 input cards 2 output cards 1 analog input and 1 analog RTD card. Also the customer has a screen that uses rsview and he would still like to use that. Anyone got any suggestions on where I should start? Or even what other information I would need in order to find the perfect fit?