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  1. Hello Everyone, I have just started exploring the Sysmac studio and I am not familiar with the instruction set of the sysmac studio.I am trying to create instruction that is equivalent to SQO and SQI in studio 5000. Can anyone please direct me into the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 
  2. Hello, Does anyone have a pdf version of the user manual? Thanks...
  3. I'm working on a project that is made easiest by using a sequencer. The process I have has 51 outputs. I've created the array as the steps that I need but how can each step have more than the standard 32 bits (DINT)? Is it possible to change the length of the DINT so every output is available at everything step?  Thanks.    Sorry if my description is vague I'm still learning some of the terminology. 
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help. I have to create a block mover system using the controllogix , I know that I must use a SQO as I have done this process without a Flex I/O on a SLC 500 before. Currently I am getting a error while dealing with the array can anyone show me an example of a SQO in 5000?   Thanks
  5. Project program approach suggestions?

    Hello everyone! I am not necessarily new to plc's but simply haven't had as much exposure to programming as I would like to have had over the years. I have a project that requires me to cycle three facility air compressors individually so that each one will aquire equal run time (approx) annually. Some requirements are: The start of the next one must overlap for a few minutes before the previous one shuts down, to avoid any loss of air pressure. Also, the system must run all three at once, upon power up, for a short period when the plant is first start up. The run times in this area are not critical either. I have a C200hs Omron PLC and I am using Cx Programmer to write the logic. So far I am using the one minute clock pulse to count down 5 or 6 hours between compressors and using timers to reset them. Does anyone think there is a way to use a shift register SFT to accomplish the same thing easier or? I am open to any suggestions as long as they're not vulgar. Lol. Thanks for any help!