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  1. Raspberry Python FX3U

    Hi, I need to connect an FX3U Mitsubishi PLC with my raspberry for reading some data and put them into a charts. I was thing on using python but I'm not finding much help on how to do it. The PLC is even connected with an HMI GT1050-QBBD. I really appreaciate every kind of help you can give me. Thanks to all
  2. UniPi Neuron

    Hello there Currently I'm planning to get into home automatization and buy some toys to tinker with (boiler control, lightning switching, shutter control etc.). And since I need some PLC for that, I searched the internet and aside from more known brands (Loxone, Railduino etc.) I found UniPi Neuron Their hardware looks good, but they have next to none reviews and I didn't found any references aside from those on their website (which I obviously take with a grain of salt).  So my question is - is there any user of the Neuron? I'd like to know opinions or user references or anything you would have to say about it. Thanks! 
  3. Hello everybody, I'm new to Beckhoff and I couldn't find the solution yet, I hope someone can enlight me. I need to integrate two distinct and already functional systems: one is working with a Raspberry connected to other devices; the other one is a Bechoff unit getting sensors data. Now I need to get these data captured by the Beckhoff and send them to the Raspberry. Does someone know if I can access these sensors data in a Beckhoffs unit (it's a CX9020, but we can use a EK1100 as well...) by the Raspberry without using any other intermediate device (just the board and the unit)? Thank you!