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  1. This is a machine with a CQM1 PLC and a NT31C HMI. Battery of the HMI run out and the HMI program was lost. I got the PLC program and identified some of the memory locations, can use the machine but not fully. Omron is not my thing so I am looking for some help to identify program functionality. some sequencer functionality and a servo, not many I/O's. The entry from the HMI is converted and has some math maybe to address the 16bit limitation, not sure. Is a home made machine and the original controls contractor cannot be located.
  2. Hi Everyone,   I have  NT31C-ST142-V2 and it has a prompt of "System Program not exist or incorrect." I am trying to transfer via NT Series System Installer but I am getting a time-out error. I have Xm2S-09 serial cable with ATEN serial-to-USB cable.I know it is not broken since I can still Upload/download on a CJ2 PLC. I just want to know what other things I can do upload a systemprogram. I have seen a comment on this site that he remove the battery then tried to upload again.   NT is almost 15 years old. I have a back-up program.   I can't seem to upload by this time for pictures of theH MI and the screenshots of software .
  3. Hello every one.I am a new to this field. i uploaded a program form Omron NT31c-V2 using nt support tool and I want to download it to Nt31c-v1. Do i need some converter to Converet Nt31c-v2 program to Nt31c-V1 ? I would also like to ask that it is possible to convert the program to other Nt series model like Nt31, Nt30 and other if program memory is compatible.Plz reply.Thanx