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  1. Help decoding a program and writing comments

    Thanks again IO.rack, This is the best i can read this program so far. Program has n cycles, number of cycles is entered on DM100. Each cycle has a heating time and cool time. Heating time on DM120 and cooling time on DM130. Each timer entry is on respective DM address 4 digits hex while for cooling seems to be 000.0 in sec for heating looks like 00.00 sec so the time limit is very limited. I cannot enter a bigger time value. than FF.ff. I dont want to change the program if the provissions are there and I am missing something. There is no HMI for the moment I am trying to drive the machine from CX. But I am considering getting NS5SQ11BV2 (recomandation from OMRON) any other option you sugest. Program attached , Thanks   OmronPLC_march17_cmnt.cxp
  2. Help decoding a program and writing comments

    Thanks I sent a message
  3. Help decoding a program and writing comments

    I already identified some of the data and I can input from CX enogh to run the machine. However the problem is with one timer. Value goes to one address DM130 4 hex digits and then does some math gymnastics and ends up at timer 1. I cannot put a high value for the timer.
  4. This is a machine with a CQM1 PLC and a NT31C HMI. Battery of the HMI run out and the HMI program was lost. I got the PLC program and identified some of the memory locations, can use the machine but not fully. Omron is not my thing so I am looking for some help to identify program functionality. some sequencer functionality and a servo, not many I/O's. The entry from the HMI is converted and has some math maybe to address the 16bit limitation, not sure. Is a home made machine and the original controls contractor cannot be located.
  5. Step 5 PLC

    Hello, I need some help with a older machine a Driam coater DRC 1600/1.25, Step 5 Siemens PLC. The program was lost due to a dead battery (I know) and the program loaded from EPROM does not work. Siemens technician has looked at the machine and the manufacturer OEM sent some 5 1/4 floppy's that can not be read. A data block seams to have configuration info DB14 is missing. Anyone out there has a program for this machine? Anyone has a Siemens Programmer PG675 to read the floppy's? Thanks for any help Eugen
  6. PLC 5 question.

    Thank you, I was hopping for something like I/O list for the communication channels as well. Yes is very convenient asking a question (even a basic one) in the forum, but I thought that was the point. Anyway I would appreciate if you can direct me to the right resources as well.
  7. Pro-face GP 370-LG11

    Sounds to me you looking for the reset button which is in the corner of the case a little hole, or if you dont find it take the screen power off and on again. Hope this helps
  8. Just tweaking Ron’s idea, if is possible place equally spaced holes, metal pieces or something along side the belt and use one appropriate sensor, this way you know for sure the belt is moving. Then match the speed reading with the vfd speed, compare them, add a tolerance for the amount of slip allowd to make the decision. Load cells on different points also may be used. Just another view
  9. This PLC 5 communicates with other devices via ethernet, devicenet and DH+. I want to know how can I see the files assigned to each scanner. Or the other way I have a N word being sent to another PLC but I am not sure is done via device net through 2 RIOs or via ethernet. Anywhere in the software I can see that? TIA