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  1. Hello, I am trying to do something tricky today by simulating an IQ-R plc(R08CPU) in gx works 3, and to make it connect to Fernhill SCADA as well. All done on the same PC. My goal is to see that I can make the IQ-R series work with Fernhill as that is also a question I want to solve before buying the PLC and I was hoping I could use the simulation for this. I have tried searching if this is something that will work at all and so far I have not found anything... It feels like it is a very special case to have both the simulation and the SCADA on the same pc for one, second is that I don't know how the simulated PLC's IP address will behave, I cannot ping it for instance. The first step of my issue is, My simulated PLC has an IP address. In my mind I should be able to ping this address on my PC, which I cannot. If I cannot use the simulated PLC's IP address, I will have a hard time connecting it to the Fernhill SCADA. Second step/question is, will the Fernhill SCADA be able to work with the simulated PLC? help is appreciated!
  2. Hello, I have a Q02CPU and QJ71E71-100 terminal and want to do a simple test of the Fernhill SCADA system. I have successfully connected the Fernhill software project to my PLC and gotten a word variable from the PLC be represented by a tag in the Fernhill SCADA system. However, I have issues doing the same for my bit variables. In Fernhill they should be internal relays but I get error 4031h in Fernhill: Melsec Error 4031h - The specified device number is outside the device range. I do not understand what is wrong. My PLC variables are each a global variable, internal relay in other words. In Fernhill I define each tag as an internal relay. The "device" from my simplified understanding is the identity of the variable in the PLC. It matches the PLC and Fernhill as shown in the pictures provided. Thanks in advance! PS. I don't get the error if I define the tags as Data Registers instead like I did for the analog variable. But 1) That is not what they are and 2) The tags don't change when the PLC variable is modified. Just a bit suspicious that it stops complaining when it is clearly incorrect...
  3. Hi All, Has anyone had the experience of connecting two Fernhill Scada units using an OPC UA?  I am intending to use Fernhill Scada on my Master PLC to read tags from my Slave PLC's Fernhill Scada. Then, displaying local tags (Master PLC, "Fernhill SCADA Unit 1") and read/scanned tags from the Slave PLC, "Fernhill SCADA Unit 2". In the meantime, I am trying to use both of my Fernhill SCADA units interact with each other (one unit to read tags from the other unit) by using Internal Digital Tag on the Fernhill SCADAs.  Any help would be appreciated.