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  1. Can anyone tell me if there's a rule in NFPA79 consistent with UL508A 60.1. Basically 60.1 states that a main disconnect is not required in an industrial control panel IF the size and type of protection are and clearly stated and that a disconnect is required by the installer, noted on the electrical drawings.
  2. I need disconnect for panel supplied with 120VAC power. I was hoping to find rotary disconnect with two poles (1 for hot, the other one for neutral) to run the incoming wires through but so far no luck, all I can find are the usual 3 and 4 pole disconnects. I guess I can use 1 pole 30A breaker and connect the neutral directly to the distribution block but I thought I could have disconnect with shaft/handle going through the front panel opening. Do they even exist? After I have spend couple hours looking for them with no luck I wonder if the breaker route is my only choice. Thanks.