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  1. KUKA: CREAD/CWRITE manual View File KUKA: Cread, Cwrite KSS 8.2, 8.3       Submitter panic mode Submitted 02/16/17 Category Robots and Servos
  2. KUKA: CREAD/CWRITE manual

    Version KSS 8.2, 8.3 CREAD/CWRITE V1


    KUKA: Cread, Cwrite KSS 8.2, 8.3      
  3. Hello all I'm new to this forum so please understand if I seem awkward. I'm using Unity Pro XL for a Quantum PLC on a project that is reading multiple registers from an old Concept Quantum PLC. Many years back I used concept and proworx under similar circumstances and remembered that you should not use multiple reads and writes at the same time. We had to stagger the numbers or we had difficulties with the execution etc. Question: Is this still the case with using the CREAD AND CWRITE blocks? And if so a quick hint on how to do this would be very helpful. I'm thinking using the EN Input but can't remember how I tested each block for completion before setting the next group of blocks to run. Kevin