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  1. I am looking for a way to communicate between RSEmulate 500 with CitectSCADA v6.1 through RSLinx OPC.  I have read several articles saying that it is possible but not how it is accomplished.  Everything that I read on Schneider Electric refers to newer versions of CitectSCADA, which I do not have.   If no one knows how to accomplish this does someone know where to download a newer version of CitectSCADA for free?  I have a demo key for up to the 2018 version.  This would allow me to use the walkthrough I have found.
  2. Hi Guys, I have an application where i am trying to interface between a 1756-L61s GuardLogix CPU (via an EN2TR ethernet module) and CitectSCADA v7.2. Which driver in citect will work in this situation ? - i have tried ABCLX with no success. Have interfaced to a ControlLogix CPU without issue, not sure what i am missing - any ideas?