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  1. I am looking for a way to communicate between RSEmulate 500 with CitectSCADA v6.1 through RSLinx OPC.  I have read several articles saying that it is possible but not how it is accomplished.  Everything that I read on Schneider Electric refers to newer versions of CitectSCADA, which I do not have.   If no one knows how to accomplish this does someone know where to download a newer version of CitectSCADA for free?  I have a demo key for up to the 2018 version.  This would allow me to use the walkthrough I have found.
  2. Citect SCADA 6.1 Training

    Hello, I'm trying to find some material to train myself on Citect SCADA version 6.1.  My company is working on a project to update an HMI from Citect SCADA version 6.1 to PanelView.  No one knows how to program in Citect SCADA and I'm having trouble finding material to learn how to use this older version of HMI.  Thanks in advance.