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  1. Good Day All, I'm working on an alarm system program that an integrator did several years ago. The PLC is a S7-1200, and I'm using TIA Portal 15.1. The program uses BACnet to comm with a Trane chiller system. I need to make an input change (change input from one remote rack to another one) in another unrelated portion of the program. When I connect to the system, it come up with a pop up saying I'm missing the BACnet module and programming may be limited. Will it cause an issue if I make my input change and download software to the PLC, even thought I don't have the BACnet module for Portal?  
  2. BacNet Mstp to OPC

    Anybody with experience on what device I might use to safely  duplicate data stream from FC bus wire  to connect  BacNet OPC server while not disturbing the datastream to the NAE ? Thanks,