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Good Day All,

I'm working on an alarm system program that an integrator did several years ago. The PLC is a S7-1200, and I'm using TIA Portal 15.1. The program uses BACnet to comm with a Trane chiller system. I need to make an input change (change input from one remote rack to another one) in another unrelated portion of the program. When I connect to the system, it come up with a pop up saying I'm missing the BACnet module and programming may be limited.

Will it cause an issue if I make my input change and download software to the PLC, even thought I don't have the BACnet module for Portal?


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I would try to get the module you're missing. my experience with can make changes to an FC or FB and download it without affecting other parts of the program. Portal has an option to do a "consistent download" that I would un-check since you're missing a module. It may not be necessary, but I would feel safer.

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