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  1. FX3U Stop Reading Channel Data

    Hello Everyone,  Need help with reading channel data of FX2N-4AD with FX3U Cpu. I have added all the logic and it works also. Problem is that, FROM function stop reading/fetching data from FX2N-4AD after some time i.e couple of hours and value just hang. Like 502 or something, untill you reset the whole PLC. What could be the problem. For the further info, -I have connected the FX2N-4AD on the right of fX3U-64M. -There are two extension blocks FX2N-16EX and FX2N-16EYR also added to the right of FX3U-64M -Order of mounting....FX3U-64M > FX2N-16EX > FX2N-16EYR > FX2N-4AD > FX2N-4AD   I have tried using the 2nd special module connected at the end, but It showed similar problem after few hours of running. THis shows that both Special blocks fx2n-4ad are okay. There is something wrong with PLC maybe? Please help
  2. Hello all. I have been working with an SLC 5/04 system, which houses various Digital and Analog INs and OUTs, up to Slot 29. I am currently mainly working with Slot 25, an Analog Input: 1746-NI16I. This is a system which has already been set up and has been running for the best part of 8-10 years. This particular card has had some spare inputs, one of which I am trying to connect to. In the Advanced Configuration, only a few Channels are actually "Enabled", and each channel is pretty much slightly different from another in terms of Input Type, Filter Frequency and Data Format. I am trying to set up Input 14, which is Channel 15, to "Enable" it, 4-20mA Input Type, Filter Frequency of 6 Hz and Data Format of either Raw/Proportional or Engineering Units. Now, after I have made my choices, I click apply, and then OK. I am then confronted by a pop-up which states: "Configuration Rung and Data Integer Data File Number: 25 Integer Data Element: 100 Rung to be inserted: XIC S2:1/15 COP #N25:100 #O0:25.0 24 At Program File Number: 4 82" I have the options of OK or Cancel. If I click OK, I now have LAD 4, Rung 82 Highlighted. This First Scan Bit and COP function were already here, but does that mean I have now altered what is being written to "#O:25.0"? I now Download the Changes. However, after all this, I am not getting any Analog input reading coming in from the Live PLC. What is this COP function? What does it do? How do I properly set up this Analog Card?   Thanks for your time, -Jame
  3. FX2n-4AD

    Hello I want to do automatic weighing with the information from 0-10V LoadCell card on FX2N-4AD analog card. I tried to do the current program by using help manual from the user manual. LoadCell is connected to the reservoir by means of 2 pistons. For example, we want to package 50kg product. For this, we should make 1piston setting 45kg. 2.piston 1.Piston is closed and when it is 50kg, FX2N-4AD.rar
  4. Good Afternoon, This is the first time I have used a 1794-IF8IH and was after some help with setting up the analogue scaling. Normally in logix5000 on analogue cards you can select the desired scaling for each channel of the card under the configuration tab by selecting 0-20mA or 0-10V etc in the drop down boxes. According to page 16 of the manual it appears as if this has to be setup in the PLC tags. Is anyone able to give an example of the PLC tag address where I would place a value which represents the scaling that I was hoping to use ie: DropNumber:5:C:Ch0DataFormat_0   Cheers,   Robbo    
  5. Hi everybody, I need to make a set up to start/stop and control the speed of a frequency inverter (Danfoss VLT Aqua) using a FX3GE PLC on an I/O base. The speed I'd like to control by using an analogue signal however, the inverter is aprox. 350 meters away from my PLC controlpanel in a second engineroom in the factory. Will this distance be a problem? Is there a smart solution to make the connection over such a long distance or is it possible with the standard analogue output from the FX3GE? I can use either a 0-10Vdc or a 4-20mA signal to the inverter. From the existing situation some shielded cables are available for the hardwired connections but the PLC function to regulate the motorspeed was built inside the frequency inverter and the other motors are located in an other engineroom and did just start/stop with digital signals without a PLC. I'm using GX-Works2 V1.98 Has anyone experience with a similiar situation? Best regards, Theo V