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  1. FX2n-4AD

    Dear Andrei, Thank you very much for your help. Loadcell module manual English is not very good I use google translator I hope you understand me. Best regards.
  2. FX2n-4AD

  3. FX2n-4AD

    Load cell can send a sample project 
  4. FX2n-4AD

    Hello I want to do automatic weighing with the information from 0-10V LoadCell card on FX2N-4AD analog card. I tried to do the current program by using help manual from the user manual. LoadCell is connected to the reservoir by means of 2 pistons. For example, we want to package 50kg product. For this, we should make 1piston setting 45kg. 2.piston 1.Piston is closed and when it is 50kg, FX2N-4AD.rar