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  1. Hi there! I'm dealing with some ActiveX object issues in a CX-Supervisor SCADA project. The thing is that the computer where the runtime was running failed and was replaced. The project used a couple of dropdown list objects that worked in the older PC, but now everytime it access or calls the ActiveX object in some way, an error saying the object couldn't be found appears in the error register and the runtime stops working. I've been reading about Activex and Cx-Supervisor and I tried installing NI Measurement Studio, as it appears to be the software related to the objects in the project, but this didn't fix it. I see in the 'Csutomize Toolbox' window near activex objects, that there are plenty of options to choose, but I got no information about this window online. So my question here is: is there any 'standard' ActiveX object type that works on any PC, or am I missing something?   Thanks in advance!    
  2. Is there a work around for using ActiveX controls when the FactoryTalk View ME edition does not match the Panelview firmware revision? I have FactoryTalk version 13 and the Panelview is 10 (Panelview Plus 7 Perf 1500). Trying to use the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control.  Thanks
  3. Pv +7 - How to create email body

    I'm trying to send an email out of the HMI and can't figure out how to build the body to contain all the info that I need. I can get the email to send fine and I can include one tag which works correctly. I though that I should be able to build the text that I need using an expression but I can't seem to figure that out. Here's what I want: Flow totalizer = 'tag' Last 24 Hour flow = 'tag' Last 24 Hour High flow = 'tag'   So just three lines ( I know there is an 82 char limiit) containing a little bit of text and some tags. I thought that I should be able to do something like: "Flow Totalizer" + 'tag' but that doesn't work. It validates but I get no output.   Any help would be very much appreciated. I normaly use a different brand HMI so I'm not really all that up to speed on PV. thank you.    
  4. Display page

    Hello! I am wondering if I can display an another page by clicking on an ActivX Option Button. I know that a page can be displayed only on left button click, but I need to make some connection between this and an ActivX Button. Can you help me with some ideas, please?!:) Thanks!
  5. Hi, to all. I have a question concerning the current alarms of CX-Supervisor, I'm using the version 3.22. I want to do a custom alarm view where the alarm messages have a different colors depending on the priority (ex. red for high priority, yellow for medium priority, etc...). I want also that the alarms are ordered by date & time, first the latest. The alarm object is not good because doesn’t allow to order by date & time and you can decide only one colour for all the alarms.The current alarm dialog box allows to order the alarms but non to customize the colors. I did some test and I've seen that I can fill a list with different line colors by using the ActiveX object Microsoft ListView Control 6.0, but I need the current alarm list to do it. I don't know where to get this list. The alarms history is stored in the .UAL and .UAB files but I didn't find any file with the current alarms. Does anyone know how to get the current alarms list? Does anyone know another way to have the same effect? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey All, I am trying to do some data storing on a PanelView+ and the built in data logging doesn't quite fit my needs. I was looking into the possibility of creating my own ActiveX control for doing this. Is it possible to create custom ActiveX controls for Factory Talk? If so, are there any tutorials for doing so you recommend? Also, are there any sites that have custom ActiveX controls to download? I realize this may not be the easiest thing to do, but if I could create my own I could use it for various machines and would make things a lot simpler in the long run. Thanks
  7. After conversation project from RSView 3.20 to FactoryTalk SE 6.0 via HMI Backup/Restore utilities I start to recieve alarm "Different ActiveX control loaded for display XXXXX that when saved" and "cause:Trend:Never file used". I think its connect to using Trend ActiveX control with old version (from RSView 3.20) in new project. All trends works properly, but i want to fix this problem. How to resolve a problem?