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  1. Hi there!   I'm trying to communicate a Weintek cMT2128X with a CP2EN via Ethernet. The thing is I'm getting 'No device response' messages every 2-3 seconds. They'are connected at some point because some values are updated, but the connection error keeps showing up. So far I've checked: - Comm. settings are okay in both sides - Wiring is good - Happens the same with a CJ2 CPU. - There are two arrays of 50 UINT each, I don't know if that's slowing things but that would surprise me...   I've worked with Weintek HMIs before (communicating with different CPUs: LOGO!, CP1, CJ2...) and never had this problem. I just set the IP addresses and everything was working fine, so I guess I'm missing something. Hope you can throw some light at this! Thanks in advance
  2. 1734-AENTR Fault codes

    Wow, that was exactly what I needed. Didn't know those codes were standard. Thanks a lot, sir!
  3. Hi there! I've been looking for some fault codes table for the 1734-AENTR adapters, since I'd like to show a message in HMI with some information when there is a faulty adapter, but I haven't found anything on the internet. So my question is, is there any type of table like this for these adapters? Right now I have a PLC with some AENTR adapters in the program for testing, and since there is actually no adapter connected to it, I can see a 16#2024 error in the module properties, but can't seem to find that info in the module variables.   Do you guys have any clue on how to find this information in order to show it?   Thanks in advance!
  4. Okay, nevermind, I just realised my mistake. I thoguht 'Test Display' button with the play icon did the same as 'Test Application' so I was unable to change the display as I asume Test Display only works with a single screen. With Test Application everything works with Logix Designer running too. Thanks for your time!
  5. I get 'kicked' from Logix Designer online mode when running the runtime application. It seems that only GoTo Display buttons are affected when I'm using the Test Application mode (I tried with a simple test project and everything seems to be fine except that). No, when I get booted offline in Logix Designer I have to reboot the PC (VM) in order to go back online. I had a different issue before (I couldn't event communicate in any mode) and I solved it copying the Design path to Runtime path using the 'Copy Design to Runtime' button in Communication Setup. So even with the same path on both sides I still get kicked from Logix Designer when running the application and still got the GoTo Display buttons in Test Application. Studio5000 Ver. 32.00.00 FactoryTalk Studio Ver.12.00 patch 84   Edit: Now I see that RSLinx is missing in Design path, but it was there before, and It's running in the 0 slot in Logix Emulate.    
  6. Hi there! This is my first time using Rockwell automation software and I have some questions I can't answer. When I'm running the FactoryTalk runtime application with a simulated controller, I get disconnected from Logix Designer, so I can't online watch the program. If I try to simulate using 'Test Application' in FactoryTalk View Studio, it appears to communicate, but buttons don't make any effect when pressed.   Hope you can throw some light on it! Thanks in advance!  
  7. SCL05/04 Connection

    Wow, you always got a solution I see haha Thanks a lot for your answers, guys!
  8. Hi there! I have an Allen-Bradley SCL05/04 PLC. It has an RS-232 port, a 3 DH+ connector and a circular port with programming pins. An NB-Omron HMI is connected to the RS-232 port. And of course I can only have the screen connected. Is there any possibility to connect through the PLC programming port to be able to follow the program online?   Here is atached photos of the PLC:      
  9. Hi there! I'm dealing with some ActiveX object issues in a CX-Supervisor SCADA project. The thing is that the computer where the runtime was running failed and was replaced. The project used a couple of dropdown list objects that worked in the older PC, but now everytime it access or calls the ActiveX object in some way, an error saying the object couldn't be found appears in the error register and the runtime stops working. I've been reading about Activex and Cx-Supervisor and I tried installing NI Measurement Studio, as it appears to be the software related to the objects in the project, but this didn't fix it. I see in the 'Csutomize Toolbox' window near activex objects, that there are plenty of options to choose, but I got no information about this window online. So my question here is: is there any 'standard' ActiveX object type that works on any PC, or am I missing something?   Thanks in advance!