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  1. Hello world, how was your day?, hope would be fine: Here's my issue: I got a boiler, controlled by a "Compact logix L43" the protocol used is ethernet IP, There are four (4) Power flex 400 installed, Catalog number: ( 22C-D022N103 ) with the Ethernet/IP adapter "22COMM-UM-E",  then, one of them was having hardware problems with the Communication, but NOT THE ADAPTER (22COMM-UM-E), because I did test it in another drive, and actually works fine, the problem is in the drive. After checking parameters and connections, we decide to replace the drive for a POWER FLEX 525 with built in Ethernet/IP hardware. Here's my question:  Do I need to modify the PLC programm to connect the new drive WITHOUT ADAPTER or just I need to set the old powerflex 400 IP address and subnet mask to my new POWER FLEX 525?. In fact, my real question is: Are the registers that the PLC it's actually writing/reading to/from the drivers with the adapter, the same as for the POWER FLEX 525 with built in Ethernet/IP connection?. Hope this information could help you to help me :). Have a NICE DAY!.