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  1. Hi Old NT2S-SF121B has a problem with key and we decided to exchange to new NT2S-SF121B. With old HMI I could only connect via software NT 2ST ver 1.3C and I was able to upload application. Using NTXS ver 1.04 I couldn't connect to old HMI. New HMI I can connect only to NTXS ver 1.04, but I can't connect to old software NT2ST.  Finally original application I have with extension *.HMI from NT2ST, but for NTXS I need file with *.pzm. Is any way to connect to both HMI from the same software - maybe I need some special version of NT2ST or NTXS?  The only way to migrate application from old HMI to new one, is to rewrite HMI code from NT2ST to NTXS? thanks for clue  
  2. NT11S at NT11

    Hello, Currently I have a program on an OMRON NT11S-SF121 that I would like to transfer to an NT11-SF121B. The NT11S communicates to the computer with the help of the application: "NT11S tools" and the NT11 with the application "NT support tools". I would like to know if it is possible to transfer the program between these 2 application   Thank you for your reply Marc
  3. Cable pin configuration required.

    Required cable PIN configuration for Nexgen 1000 series PLC, MS-40M-E, NT11-SF121B-EV1 , GT1020-LBD.