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  1. I am getting back to a project I've been working off-and-on on for a few months in Connected Components Workbench.  When I try to open it, it pops up with a Security Authentication pop-up.  I did not set a username/password.  The windows password does not work.  Does anyone know how to access the file?
  2. I've got my first PanelMate to Panelview conversion done, but I am having a problem with the alarms; I get a random "2: Data Access Error for Alias XXXX, Controller PLC-1, Address is XXXX, Communication flag is 0", where XXXX is each of my thousand plus bits or analog values.  I have to hit OK about 20-40 times each time this pops up.  Is there any way to disable the communication alarm, or at least only display a general communication fault, and not one for each variable?
  3. Solved, I had to create multiple layers that are visible when the various conditions are active.  I created a new ladder in the PLC software that determined my conditions and created a new series of bits for the HMI to use.
  4. Setup Panelview 800 for SLC5/05

    Solved.  I needed to put the Port to 2222, and I couldn't directly read Input bits; I had to copy them to software bits in the ladder logic.
  5. We are in the process of changing out our old PanelMates to PanelView 800s.  All my previous experience with the Panelview 800s was on Micrologix PLC's.  I have the graphics created for the first HMI, but it is not communicating with the PLC (SLC5/05).  I am guessing it has something to do with the 'slot configuration' setting.  I have slot 1 set up for my RIO scanner, 32 words input 32 words output (according to RSLogix, 500 anyway), but when I click "Add" to add the other slots, it will create a new line, but will not let me edit it.  The input box will close if I try to choose anything on the blank second line.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  6. I am currently copying/rewriting the HMI for several of our old CH PanelMates over to PanelView 800s.  The Panelmate allowed for conditional expressions (e.g. Condition 1: [Bit1] &~[Bit2] would be active when bit 1 was on and bit 2 was off).  Is there a way to do this in Connected Components Workbench, short of creating an 8-bit integer on the SLC5?
  7. Problems with upgrading server?

    Most of our HMIs are PanelMates (there are also 2 PanelView 800s).  We are planning on upgrading everything to PanelView 800s as the PanelMates are no longer supported.
  8. We have about a half dozen PLCs on the process control network at our small plant, most are SLC5/05s, and a couple of Micrologixs.  Our server is currently a Windows 2000 machine with RSLinx 2.43.  If we upgrade to a Windows 2016 machine with RSLinx 4.12, will we lose any functionality?  Will I still be able to program them with RSLogix 500, and will our SQL data collection work the same?
  9. That did it.  Thank you!
  10. The catalog number is PX419-005DWU10V (  The analog card is an AB 1762-IF4. It is coming from a stand-alone 10V power supply.  I tried the 24V power and got the same results.
  11. Okay - when I disconnect the instrument, and drive 10V across -Excitation and +Output, I see full range in Micrologix. When I connect the +Excitation and -Excitation to the PLC cabinet supply voltage (+Output is disconnected from the PLC), and connect my voltmeter to the +Output of the instrument and -Excitation, I read variable voltage based on the tank level (it is transmitting the signal correctly). When I connect the instrument to the PLC as drawn, I get a raw value in Micrologix of 2867, and 0.98V (per my voltmeter) between the +Output and -Excitation wires, and the output does not change with the tank level.
  12. I am a PLC newbie, so forgive me if there is a simple solution; I have a new Omega 0-10V differential pressure transmitter that I am trying to use for level detection on my Micrologix 1400 (replacing a conductivity level probe that is not accurate enough).  When I have the output wire disconnected from the PLC (ie: transmitter is receiving the 0 and 10V input, voltmeter is connected to the 0V and output line out of the transmitter), I see the voltage output I expect, and when I drive 10V to the PLC through the output wire at the instrument and the 0V wire, I get the raw value I expect in micrologix, but when I connect the output from the transmitter to the PLC, the voltage drops to 0.98V (I see the corresponding raw value in micrologix) and I get no response from the transmitter - it stays at 0.98V no matter what the level is.  The I/O is configured for -10/+10V, not 4-20mA.  Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?