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  1. Export data to excel or pdf

    Gentlemen, So there is no way of doing what im looking for without a hardware change addition? I dont have any experience with SCADA platforms, but I am not opposed to going that route. the data I need to pull is a weight (real number) and date/time stamp. when running its about 1 every 5 minutes. I am leaning towards the PV+ option because I am familiar with that platform. There is no module i could add to the system that has a USB port that the customer could plug a flash drive in and press a button to export the said data? Could you possible elaborate on the SCADA option?
  2. I have a machine with a compact logix l18 and panelview 5000. the machine weighs parts intermittently and I would like to be able to record the weights, and export that data to an excel file or pdf. I know how to program it to record and save the data, how would I go about exporting that data to one of the mentioned file types?
  3. converting rs232 data

    yes it has, but I could not figure out a solution based on what I had found I guess I am just looking for the proper way to have the ASCII characters buffer in a tag that i can convert to a DINT or SINT so i can process it.
  4. Hello, I am trying to receive data from a scale via rs232. my setup; compact logix l18er with a 1734-rs232ascii point IO module to receive the data. I am receiving data from the scale, but I have very little understanding of ascii, so I do not know how to convert the data I am receiving to something use-able. any help on how to convert the data to something I can use or where to even start would be much appreciated. using a scientech ZSA 210 scale