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  1. Aye. Yeah, being forced to use UDTs for these interfaces is a pain. Because they can get pretty big and are a pain to modify later. I'm hoping I can figure out how to paste properly into this editor, because right now I can layout the whole interface in excel and I can copy and paste all of that data into the Honeywell side no problem. But then I have to either type out or copy paste individual cells to build the UDT on the Rockwell side. I guess I can work on building a little program to read the data from the cells in excel and format it into an XML file and just import it as as L5X, if I can't figure out why I can't paste into the editor. Maybe I just need to call Rockwell and ask them.
  2. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for generating UDT Templates from an excel spreadsheet? It says in the help files you can copy/paste from excel into the UDT Template, but it seems to only allow that cell by cell, instead of the whole table of data. This is painfully tedious when building larger interfaces. I've tried saving the spreadsheet in various formats (CSV, PRN, tab delimted txt) and I've tried various versions of RSLogix from 23 to 31. I can't seem to find any detailed info on how to do this. I've seen some other forum posts regarding using scripting to generate the XML to import the UDT, but I don't understand why I can't simply copy and paste the info in. Is this really that difficult? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Otto
  3. Thanks for the replies. First, I am more of a DCS guy than a PLC guy, so I may be not using quite the right terms possibly. Lately I'm constantly getting requested to build interfaces between the DCS and PLCs. And because Honeywell can make really amazing decisions (/s) on how they approach things, I'm being forced to build a lot of my interfaces using UDTs. Which is a nightmare for a whole slew of reasons, but sometimes you just have to do what the client wants. I don't feel like I'm explaining myself well here, so maybe some screenshots would help. In the Rockwell Help files, it seems to say you can copy and paste from excel into the Data Type Editor. But no matter what I do, it tries to put everything I'm trying to paste into the first 'cell' of the data type editor table. And I can't seem to find any further detail as to how to do this properly or what exactly it is I am doing wrong. Or am I just completely misunderstanding what the help file says and you cannot copy a table of data and paste into the data type editor?