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  1. My problem appears to be fixed after I deleted plc data and reinstalled my software. I'm now able to write to plc and reset it, the Error LED turned off. I hope it won't come back @Cetronic, no problem!  I have to thank you for being intressed in my post. I'm here to learn from you about mitsubishi PLCs! @Copyleft, thank you for having mentioned eManual Viewer. I was expecting something like that in order to make use of all of those manuals. To answer your questions : RTFM (to me is) : Read Safety related informations -> Read Installation and Wiring Guides ->  Quick Start <-> Troubleshooting  When I connot find a direct connection between Quick Start and Troubleshooting, I feel missing something. For example , I couldn't make use of this warning message... I don't think the following Diagnostics(CPU) is really helpfull, since the only proposed corrective is "Write the project again". I'm used to jump from Error Code to details and corrections. 2. Is this a brand new? Yeah, it is! ".... you even don’t know the Mitsubishi series nomenclature ...." When I was in college back in 2008, I bought this book of John Ridley and helped me a lot. Even if I didn't have access to the actually hardware, I used the content on hardwares within my reach....
  2. What's the " Comms failure on a FX1 due to Technician error " you're talking about? And why you believe this "has virtually been eliminated on the latest models" ? I'm not talking about what you "believe", I'm talking about what you KNOW AS FACTS on FX5 series! So I will decide wether or not to switch on those models. If you don't know, please don't insult.
  3. I tried to initialize my FX5U as you described, unfortunately it didn't work out. The Error LED started blinking over and over as finished initialization.  I'm just experimenting the FX5 series beside my daily works, can somebody tell me those plc are really reliable when compared to Siemens or AB?  GX works3 diagnostics tell you there's an error, but doesn't tell you clearly how to fix it...the messages are misleading, and the manuals are bulky as bible...
  4. Thank you Nigher, I'll try this and let you know later.
  5. Hi there, I'm unable to write to my plc (FX5U-80MT/ES). Error LED is continuously flashing. Gx Work3 diagnose tells me ''CPU File not found, ...''. I just don't know how to rewrite/reset the CPU File. I spent days to read a bunch of iQ-F manuals to find out, but no luck. I'd appreciate any help to fix this issue.