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  1. I need to control an automated saw through its Windows 10 HMI in an automated cell that is controlled by an AB CompactGuarLogix_CMX001 plc. The saw vendor will not allow us to change the saw control program so as a temporary measure I was considering using a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program like Microsoft Flow or Blue Prism on the saw's W10 pc to record macros to drive the saw through its HMI, and trigger these macros with a string  sent by the plc via the Ethernet network that connects the saw and plc in the automated cell.  I think I could make this work but is their an easier solution? I searched for a couple of hours and did not turn up a better approach.  Eventually we will pay the saw vendor to redo their controls to our needs or strip the saw oem controls and control it through the cell plc ourselves. Thanks in advance for your help! control Windows 10 pc app from plc with rpa?