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  1. Redundancy Error

    Hi everyone... I'm not a AB expert.. I'm using L74 controller, Rm2 redenduncy module,  EN2TR and EN2T module (on each chassis) on my control logix project and having 3 remote IO's rack on ring topology... I have use EN2TR for ring topology and EN2T for scada communication. The problem is my controllers are not synchronising on fibre optics... I have to connect both EN2T modules with one an other for controller's synchronisation. They are syncing over ethernet but not over optical... your help is appreciated    Thanks in advance
  2. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    No i did not connect mitsubishi. Previously i just changed my power supply from q61p-A2 to Q64p because there was an error on the PLC error code is 1403 unsupported module is resolve this error i replaced my power supply on main chashis with q64p. after replacing the power supply the error 1403 did not occur again but this happened that all my analog inputs modules channel values hold its last value after random time like after 12 hrs or 18 hours.and after power off the plc supply it works normally.
  3. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    The values on the BFM hold its values. X and Y of Analog Input Module is as follows. Module Ready X is ON Temperature Drift Compensation Flag X is OFF High Resolution mode status flag X is OFF Operating condition setting completed flag X is ON OFFSET/Gain setting Mode Flag X is OFF Channel Change Completed flag X is OFF Maximum value / Minimum Value reset completed flag X is OFF A/D Conversion Completed Flag X is ON Error Flag X is OFF Operating Condition setting request Flag Y is OFF User Range Write Request  Y Is OFF Channel Change Request Y is OFF Maximum Value / Minimum Value  Reset Request Y is OFF Error Clear Request Y is OFF    
  4. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    this thing happens randomly not on fixed time.
  5. Intelligent Functional Module Stop Working

    There is no error on the module.And in system monitor i also checked the error but there is no error there.
  6. Hi, I am facing the strange problem with QCPU (Q03UDE) Controller, I have multiple modules in my project ( Analog, Modbus & Digital Modules) but after some time a random error comes and all my analog Chanel values hold the last values, meanwhile controller does not show any error in the diagnostic tool. After rebooting the PLC power Chanel values start to update. This thing happens randomly.  Kindly help me.  Thanks in advance
  7. A2ncpu Eprom

    Yeah you are right system is very old... The client  does not want to spend much. Is there any way to write program that stay in cpu after shut down? 
  8. A2ncpu Eprom

    I'm new with Mitsubishi a series cpu... I'm having a problem I just need to know how to write on eprom. Kindly do let me know the exact switch which I need to turn on or off...    Thanks in advance