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  1. Thank you for the thread. I have used the read_var function block and configured everything as I think it should be but its still not reading in the values from the multifunction meter. It just hangs on Meter_1_Busy.  Can you spare a little time to look through my settings and let me know where I'm going wrong EMF A3 Metering Test.smbp EMF A3 Metering Test.smbp EMF A3 Metering Test.smbp
  2. Please could you assist with the software required to download data tables from 4 off DIRIS A10 Multifunction Meters into TM221CE40R Logic Controller via TMC2SL1 Comms Cartridge using Modbus Protocol over RS485. I have downloaded the Modbus tables from Socomec but not sure how to get these into the PLC. I would really appreciate your help in achieving this. I am using EcoStruxure Machine Expert - Basic to program the PLC & DAQ Factory Developer Release for my Touchscreen. Link to Socomec Modbus tables: