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  1. CP1H with servo motor

    Hello. As I said before the servant is at exit 101.00.   I made the measurement on the PLC Power Supply and the result was OK   I also measured the servo power supply, OK result too.   Even when I reset the PLC after downloading some new program the servo moves, probably to find itself.
  2. CP1H with servo motor

  3. CP1H with servo motor

    Hello guys, I'm new here on the forum and also with PLC.  I have a CP1H and would like to use it to control an MG995 servo motor, however, after several attempts with the PWM and INI commands I was unsuccessful, I would like to know if you need to make any configuration on the PLC for the servo to work.  According to the servo manual the working frequency is 50Hz, the duty left at 50%, respecting the smallest division of the door 101.00.   I read somewhere that maybe the PLC couldn't make low frequency servos work, would you like some help wondering if this statement is really true? Thanks.  commands used  PWM  # 1000   & 0500   & 0500   ----------------  INI  # 1000   # 0003   0