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  1. Hi all. This is hopefully an easy fix. I have words and bit values in a recipe that I am trying to show in a logging file. I can get numerical values to show but I can't get the word devices from the recipe to show up on the logging file. Eg my devices from recipe set as a string starting with device gd60120 and in the logging file I want gd60120 to show the word, they are both set as unicode.  
  2. Storing device values after reset

  3. Hi all. I've set up the analog modules and I've set devices within the HMI to move the value of d to the special registers for process alarm limits but whenever the plc is reset I'm losing the value. Have I missed a storing trigger or something? 
  4. GX works 3 fx5 4ad help

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up the analog on channel 1 of the fx5-4ad module. I've set my parameters but I'm wondering if anyone has an example of the ladder side in GX works 3. I'm looking to read the signal in an hmi. Thanks 
  5. FX5U high speed counter

    Hi All Does anyone know if it's possible to simulate the HSC function using just the software? I'm using the Hioen command but I want to try and simulate it if possible. Thanks in advance Scott
  6. I think I'll scrap the countdown timer. My program is a multi liquid filling program based of recipe, then self cleans then mixes the mixture to time again set from a recipe. I was wanting to add recipe progress tracking and then display it as a percentage. Having a think about it today I'm thinking to split each section up, track each with a timer/counter then convert them to display an overall percentage eg when liquid section is at 100% the full job completion might only be 40%
  7. Hi all Thanks to everyone that's helped me so far, I'm learning as I go and my program is looking good, however I'm looking for suggestions on how to create a countdown timer (like a job completion timer) or a job progress percentage. Again any ideas are much appreciated.
  8. GX Works 3 Recipe

    Thanks for your input, it's helped me understand it a bit better. I've set up my recipe using D's now. So for instance I have cocktail mixing recipes for different cocktails all being made to a litre, what if however I only wanted to make say 400mls using one of the recipes. Is it better to calculate this out in the HMI or send the 1000ml recipe to the plc and calculate it out there?
  9. GX Works 3 Recipe

    No sorry I meant the GOT. I'm trying to have the recipe change a series of k values of different timers. I was assuming GD60140 to GD60142 would be the devices as shown in the sample Item 1,2 or 3. Sorry still learning.
  10. GX Works 3 Recipe

    Hi all I'm trying to incorporate a recipe system into my plc program. I've been through the sample which I s great help but my question is this. How many devices can be controlled using a recipe? from the looks of it I can only control 3 devices but I'm looking to control about 6. Thanks in advance for any information folks.