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  1. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    Ok super! But in those two minutes the PLC is stoped right? Just waiting... And I would like that the program in the PLC continue meanwhile the timer is countig... so in two minutes register the dat that I want but the process is not interrupted. I don't know if I explain my self.
  2. FX3U-CF-ADP periodical data logging

    Hi: I`m trying to figure out how to log data from my plc fx3u-16m to my data logger fx3u-cf-adp but in a certain period of time. I explain my self: Manuals explain very well how can I write data in my data logger and generate tables but I cannot find how I can set the time period when I want to perform that. I would like to set a data log every two minutes and when errors occurs. Thank you so much.