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  1. Allen Bradley CNC or PNC

    Thanks for the reply! I have not found any new products of AB using G-codes. I will search Seimens, Fanuc and Mitsubishi cnc.
  2. Allen Bradley CNC or PNC

    Does AB still make CNC Controllers? Tech. Support does not support questions about either product. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am currently trying to write ASCII in the BRX plc, but not really sure how!  I have a C-More EA3-T4CL HMI connected to the PLC. Using ASCII to communicate with a Animatics Smart Motor. Thanks  
  4. GX Configurator-AP Software

    Looking for a copy of software. Thanks
  5. Profibus QJ71PB92V

  6. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Thanks for the response!! I was at a customer last week troubleshooting for them. The module in the machine would fault during hottest times of the day. So I asked for a back up copy of the PLC and Profibus programs, the only copy the customer had was from 2006 and did not match what was in the machine. So I tried to upload - PLC program no problem uploaded, everything fine! But for the Profibus, the configuration file did not match what was in the machine!  I could not find a way to upload the configuration file .dp2 from the module QJ71PB92V. The only upload I could find is the configuration imagine file .dpi , not sure what this is for? So in the end we contacted the original programmer, he sent us an excel sheet showing the configuration set up. I changed the configuration setup, verified with the machine,  everything match. Now I had a back up PLC and Profibus programs if the module should fail again! ( After changing the filters on the electrical panel, the module did not fault anymore. )   I guess the real question I am asking, is there away to extract the .dp2 from the QJ71PB92V module ?  Thanks  
  7. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Trying to figure out how to read the configuration imagine file .dpi ? I am using GX Configurator-DP 7.12N with GX Works2. I am trying to upload the configuration from the Profibus module QJ71PB92V, the only upload I can find is the configuration imagine upload. But I have  no idea how to open it and very the configuration settings of the module!