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  1. Allen Bradley CNC or PNC

    Thanks for the reply! I have not found any new products of AB using G-codes. I will search Seimens, Fanuc and Mitsubishi cnc.
  2. Does AB still make CNC Controllers? Tech. Support does not support questions about either product. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am currently trying to write ASCII in the BRX plc, but not really sure how!  I have a C-More EA3-T4CL HMI connected to the PLC. Using ASCII to communicate with a Animatics Smart Motor. Thanks  
  4. GX Configurator-AP Software

    Looking for a copy of software. Thanks
  5. Profibus QJ71PB92V

  6. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Thanks for the response!! I was at a customer last week troubleshooting for them. The module in the machine would fault during hottest times of the day. So I asked for a back up copy of the PLC and Profibus programs, the only copy the customer had was from 2006 and did not match what was in the machine. So I tried to upload - PLC program no problem uploaded, everything fine! But for the Profibus, the configuration file did not match what was in the machine!  I could not find a way to upload the configuration file .dp2 from the module QJ71PB92V. The only upload I could find is the configuration imagine file .dpi , not sure what this is for? So in the end we contacted the original programmer, he sent us an excel sheet showing the configuration set up. I changed the configuration setup, verified with the machine,  everything match. Now I had a back up PLC and Profibus programs if the module should fail again! ( After changing the filters on the electrical panel, the module did not fault anymore. )   I guess the real question I am asking, is there away to extract the .dp2 from the QJ71PB92V module ?  Thanks  
  7. Profibus QJ71PB92V

    Trying to figure out how to read the configuration imagine file .dpi ? I am using GX Configurator-DP 7.12N with GX Works2. I am trying to upload the configuration from the Profibus module QJ71PB92V, the only upload I can find is the configuration imagine upload. But I have  no idea how to open it and very the configuration settings of the module!