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  1. Integer to Byte

    Interesting! I will try this when i get back to work. Thanks!
  2. Integer to Byte

    I am working with integer/word in Gx Works 2, and i am wondering if there is a easy, smart way to split it into two bytes. Example : i get two values in data type byte, this is combined into integer in the gateway and im getting both values in the integer. i then need to split them up again. Maybe poorly explained, but i hope its understandable. Any tips is appreciated!
  3. ME3CAN1-Q

    Hello all! I am wondering if anybody here have any experience with the ME3CAN1-Q card for Mitsubishi Q-PLC. I have started working with this card and Canopen. I am new to both of them, but we need it to communicate with a new machine at work. All tips and pointers are more than welcome! I am stuck at the moment.
  4. S7-300 & SSD Crash

    Hello all! i am a new registered member of this forum, i have been reading and following here for a long time, and it has a lot of helpful information and tips, so thank you for that! The reason i now registered is that i have gotten myself into a little problem. I had the TIA portal project files (*.ap13) stored on a SSD disk. This disk has now crashed with the latest project on it. I have a earlier version of the project stored on my backup drive. But this does offcourse not match the PLC project. So my problem is here. Is there ANY possibility to upload the program from the PLC and "update" the earlier version project files i have? Or are there any other methods of getting updated project files? I Mostly work with Mitsubishi PLC so TIA is not my strongest side. Thank you again for a great forum and i hope some of you can help me out of this problem!