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  1. Sorry for the delay on answering, I was away. Thanks for the hint, I do know how to set the timer tags so I'll give it a try. My main concern is managing many parts at the same time with different addresses. But I will be working with it again next week. 
  2. Hello, I have an oven, this oven has 3 divisions in the form of wheels which rotate. Each wheel is divided like a pie. Each piece of the pie will have an address assigned. Using a robot I will place a part in one of the spaces of the pie for a determined time, (not all spaces will be occupied at the same time) therefore I have to save that address so that when the timer of that particular part ends, the robot knows where to go and look for it again and then take it out of the oven. Each wheel will have around 6 spaces. These wheels will be moved by means of a servomotor and this will be programmed to go clockwise and counterclockwise for easy operation. Now, my question is this: What would be the most efficient method to assign and save the addresses so that when the timer count is over, the robot will know where to go and get that part from? I will be using a CompactLogix 5370 L2 Controller for this application. I am not new to this but I have not reached this level either. Thank you for any help you can give me. Thank you