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  1. In gcode a line may look like : G10 X10 Y10 Z10 So the G has a bunch of specific functions such as linear or circular movement. However you can not edit this code. We are not using a traditional gantry x,y,z machine so we need to redefine the G01 or G03 commands for example or make our own. So does anyone know the code behind the G01, G02, G03 commands? We have 8 axis moving our head around instead of the usual cnc 3 axis. We used the kinematics feature of our Trio MC508 and it works but that controller costs close to $4000 and if we could solve this problem we could use our Dynomotion KFLOP which is under $1000 (kinematics can only do 6 axis). We can make it work by making each point very close but we get 400,000 lines of gcode for a simple 100mmx100mm cube so that is not good.
  2. Please help find a controller. We require a controller for 8 nema 23 stepper motors. Must have pulse direction and at least 8 axis or more (16 would be nice). Must have kinematics for linear and circular motion. Must be able to use gcode such as G01 X10 Y10 Z10 A10 B10 C10 U10 V10. Must have axis parameters for all 8 axis eg velocity, rotations, etc. We also need the drivers. Must be reasonably priced under $1000 or so. We found Dynomotion KFLOP which can do 6 axis and we kind of made it work for 8 axis. It is super cheap at around $250 plus KStep drivers so under $1000 total with free software, unfortunately, it can not do kinematics for 8 axis. 
  3. B & R Automation - What's the big secret?

    B&R sucks balls. If you are in North America stay away. You will get zero support at all stages and when you actually do get a hold of someone they are totally inept. Not to mention super expensive. They literally have the exact components we needed yet the people sucked so bad we had to walk away which was a giant waste of time.