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  1. PLC Software Compatibility Resource?

    Got it.  I had no luck with this first screenshot but then I found info (no. 4) from the second.   Also, is the GX Configurator DN for the Q series? Is it not possible to configure DN using GX Works2?    
  2. PLC Software Compatibility Resource?

    Got it! And just the customer spec kept us at the Q series. I will have to look into getting the GX configurator.  I just tried to test out that upgrade tool - not very self-explanatory. Had any experience with it before?
  3. Hello All,    I have had no luck sorting through Pilz datasheets on this CPU to find cable / software to connect/upload the program. Any insight?   We are upgrading this to the CPU 4000 series - it will use DeviceNet. Will this node number / memory allocation be setup within the 'PSS 4000 Firmware' software? Where do I find a guide for this?   Thank you.
  4. Hello All,   Semi-noob here with Mitsubishi PLCs. I'm starting a project in which we are upgrading an existing A Series PLC with the Q.  Is there a datasheet somewhere that lists compatible software within Mitsubishi's lineup? I had no luck in searching their site.   Also, (in the same project) the existing network uses DeviceNet. I have the Q series compatible card for that - but within what software does one configure the network?   Thank you.