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  1. Hi all,I'm trying to diagnose a problem with my Mistsi L3E fitted to a Volvo mini excavator (271 I think)..Anyway after some hard starting and I think loss of power (stalls whilst digging etc.) , I've pulled the engine out to investigate.I've looked through a few really good threads on this site about this engine, and I think there are a good few experts around here that know thier stuff, so thought I'd try a couple of questions..1) On checking the compression (whilst running the starter) I get around 210psi. This was pretty similar on all cylinders..From the L3E Manual it shows the pressure should be 413-455psi, so according to this I'm way off.Does this pressure reading from the manual sound right ? It sounds quite high to me (the compression ratio of the enigne should be 23-1, so maybe should be more like 338psi (14.7 * 23 = 338) ?I'm not sure I'm checking the pressure reading I'm getting against the correct value..2) It seems the pressure is down whichever value I check against,so I'm trying to find out why.The cylinder widths look pretty correct at 76mm, or thereabouts (within limits).I can't see any cracks etc.The rings were the next obvious thing, 1 measured gaps of:No 1 - 0.7mmNo 2 - 0.55mmOil - 0.55mmI'm not sure if this is a problem ; the manual gives the 'Standard' gap as 0.15 to 0.30mm, and a service limit of 1.5mmIt only recommends replacing the rings if they are above the service limit.What is the difference between the Max 'Standard' gap and the Service Limit ?Mine at 0.7mm are above the Max Standard Gap, but below the Service limit. Would you think they need replacing ?Probably more to the point is do you think that even though they are below the service limit, they could be accounting for the loss of pressure (@200psi according to the 413psi figure in the manual) ?Would this 'extra' gap or wear account for this much pressure loss ?I did clean up 1 set of valves and seats and re-tested, I got about another 20-30psi, so I reckon with a good valve cleanup each cylinder would probably give around 230psi.. Still pretty low, would the ring gap account for this ?Thanks for any help!